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Beware - thief!

Having your dog stolen is probably every dog guardian's worst nightmare. Whether rumours of thieves are circulating or not, it is best to make theft prevention a way of life for you & your dog. Here are some tips:

· Do not leave your dog unattended in a garden, outside a shop or in a car.

· Secure your garden.

· Vary your walk times & routes.

· Be cautious of strangers asking questions about your dog.

· Train your dog to stay reasonably close to you & come when called.

· Check your microchip is up to date with your contact details

· Use an ID tag with your name, address & mobile number, NOT your dog’s name.

· Keep up-to-date photos of you together with your dog for proof of ownership

· Take photos of your dog from different angles. Note any distinguishing features.

· Put in writing who owns the dog in your household so that if there are changes in your family circumstances, there can be no dispute.

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