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Downward Dog in Lockdown

Whilst I have been working throughout lockdown with online consultations, demo dog Bella has enjoyed her furlough from classes on full pay. The flexibility she has learned through our training games & strategies prepared her well for the changes that lockdown brought. The calmness games she knows came in handy for me starting each lockdown day with Beginners Yoga – so she settled instead of joining me for ‘downward dog’! One day, I accidentally left her pot of dog food for the day on the floor & later, I laid a trail of food for her through the house, including the room with the pot of food, & told her to “Go Find”. She did...& I discovered the forgotten pot of food – untouched. She made a choice not to eat that pot of food, without me being present, without being given any instruction to ‘wait’ or ‘leave’. Her brain is being re-shaped to make good choices, by playing cleverly designed 3-minute games. Games she only started to learn when she was a crazy 3 year old. To find out about training that teaches so much more than sits, downs & wait, book your free discovery call on 07817 733559.

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