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How's Bella now?

The nasty wound that got infected after Bella’s cancer operation exactly 5 months ago took its time to heal. But the large pink scar has gradually shrunk, currently leaving a pink-brown scar.

My daughter calls it her “My Little Pony mark” as it is on her rump like the horses in the children’s animation. (If you missed the first part of Bella’s cancer story see

Although we don’t know if the cancer has all gone, there is no visible lump there now and Bella is currently enjoying running and sniffing on walks as you can see from this recent video. And that makes us both incredibly happy.

We are now more careful how far we walk her and what activities she does as she has been diagnosed with arthritis in her front legs. It doesn’t seem to be causing too much of a problem - she still manages to have a little play in the park with much younger dogs when the mood takes her!

Who knows what the future holds for 9-and-a-half-year-old Bella? But for now I am trying to be more like her – enjoying the moment. Dogs are so good at that, aren’t they?

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